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I am sharing with you my research paper and dissertation while I was still a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as my future writings on different topics. I hope you will find it edifying and it will help you in your spiritual growth.


I hope the research done in my dissertation can be useful for some of you who really want to dig deep into the topic of discipleship. The conclusion of my research is that Christian women in general are not aware of the command to make disciples, let alone obeying it. However, once they are informed and trained, they are willing to come out from their comfort zone to make disciples. Thus, local churches must preach the Great Commission and mobilize believers to go and make disciples of all nations.


Research Paper:The Role of Women in The Church and at Home

What does the Bible say about the role of women in the church and at home? I hope this research paper will help answer your questions. Why did women get treated so poorly in the Bible, especially the Old Testament? How did church fathers influence the view of some church leaders today? Does the concept of mutual submission in marriage biblical?