The Way

Hello friends, The Way is a Bible study for seekers who want to know more about Christianity. It can be used as a resource for you to study the Bible with your family and friends who are not yet believers. This book begins by discussing the problem of sin and then proceeds to the solution, which is the cross of Jesus of Christ. Next, the book discusses who Jesus is, what He teaches, who the Holy Spirit is, the concept of discipleship, and more.

There are 24 teaching videos that go with this book. Please go to the Video section to watch the lessons by clicking the button below.

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Treasures for

Women's Heart

Dear Beloved Sisters in Christ, I wrote this book especially for women who have the desire to go deeper in knowing and loving God. It is a Bible study which will take you on a faith journey to encounter God and to know how much He loves and treasures you. This book will also teach you how to find victory in overcoming daily life struggles such as bitterness, the tendency to judge others, how to endure pain and suffering, and more.
I truly hope and pray that your heart will be healed and restored through this study. As a result, you will begin a love relationship with Him who longs to be your Lover.

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